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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you have a master catalog of everything in stock?
We have a price list called the On-Line Catalogue. It is a comprehensive list of everything we carry. All items may not be in stock. It is updated on a daily basis. This list is available for download and printing purposes.

Can you tell me how to get rid of bees, wasps, fruit flies or other infestations?
No. Please ask your local pest control service.

How long has your company been in business?
We've been in business for 50 years.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Debit Cards. We also accept Venmo. Email for more information.

Sometimes, when I add items to my cart, I get an error saying that I added more than I should have. What does this mean?
This simply means you attempted to add more of an item to your cart than we had in stock at that time. Instead, the remaining amount was added to your cart. So if you attempt to add 10 butterflies to your cart, but there are only 6 butterflies in stock, the remaining 6 will be added to your cart.

What browser features do I need to view the Insect World Website?
This version of the Insect World web site was built exclusively for IE 5.5 (Internet Explorer 5.5) and up. JavaScript and session cookies must be enabled. Why only IE? We wanted to utilize the latest in web site technology and Internet Explorer is the only browser that has successfully integrated these new technologies. Instead of putting the effort into building two or three versions of this website for different browsers with limited functionality, we decided to put all our design and programming efforts into building one version with outstanding capabilities and features. Internet Explorer is the world's most popular browser with over a 95% user base. Internet Explorer 6.0 can be download from Microsoft's Web Site. Click here to go there now.

Do you sell spread, mounted or framed insects?
We sell spread and papered specimens. Our insects are not framed. If you are looking for framed insects please e-mail us and we will send you a list of recommended businesses.

Why do you have items on your lists that are out of stock?
Insects are by their very nature, biological & as such they have specific seasons. They are also affected by weather conditions. Therefore, insects on our lists will be in & out of stock periodically. We also like to let the customers know that we normally do carry that item, but is temporarily out of stock.

Can you help me with school projects?
Yes! We are happy to help with any projects, research, etc. for students or teachers. If you need an order rushed please call to explain your situation and the time frame your insects are needed by.

How often do you update your web site price lists?
We update almost every day. Check often to see the latest information.

What is the difference between the Online Catalogue, the New Arrivals List and the Quantity List?
The Online Catalogue is a comprehensive list of our inventory. The New Arrivals List is a list of insects recently received. Both lists are designed for collectors looking for high quality specimens with labeled data. The Quantity List is designed for artists, framers and mall manufacturers who need high quality and a larger quantity but don't need data on all specimens.

Can you identify an insect that I have found or caught?
No, we're not experts on all domestic insects. Please refer this kind of question to your local natural history museum and ask for someone in the entomology department.

How do I use your search engine?
The new search engine allows you to enter search criteria in one or all of the available fields. If you don't enter anything in a field, the engine will ignore that blank field when searching. When you select an option from the box of family or locality options, the engine will search for anything within those options, using the "OR" function. Please refer to the Searching Tips Guide for more information.

Will you spread insects for me?
We do not accept custom orders for spread insects. The spread insects on our stock list are the only specimens available spread. If you have purchased a very expensive specimen for your collection and are nervous about spreading it, we may be able to spread it for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for this information.

Do you take personal checks or money orders?
Yes. However, please be aware that if paying by personal check your order will not be shipped until your check has cleared through the bank.

If I'm having trouble placing an order. What should I do?
Call us at (619) 469-3321 or e-mail We will respond as quickly as possible.

What is your return policy?
Please adhere to the return policy for speedy refunds or exchanges! Insect World's return policy is as follows: 1). Never automatically return merchandise without contacting us first. 2). All claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of merchandise. 3). All merchandise must be returned to Insect World within 15 days of receipt in the original packaging to receive a full refund or credit. We will not be held liable for merchandise damaged in transit due to improper packaging by the purchaser. 4. Opened spread insects may not be returned at any time. If Insect World is at fault we will either replace the merchandise or refund its value at our discretion.

Do you sell live insects?
Unfortunately, no. We only sell dead, dried papered or spread insects.

I don't feel comfortable sending my credit card information over the internet. Is there any security on your site?
We have a secured socket layer, commonly called an SSL, which has 128-bit encryption for our server. The site is fully encrypted. All sensitive data that is sent when you submit your order is fully. It is completely confidential and safe. Alternatively you can call us with your payment information if you prefer.

Do you have a list with pictures?
We don't offer a hardcopy catalog with photos at this time. We have photos of many of our insects on our website and we're adding more every month.

What is your PRIVACY POLICY?
PRIVACY POLICY: Insect World does not sell or exchange your information. SECURITY - We encrypt sensitive information such that even we don't have access to your passwords.
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